Do you want the whistle?


A little bit of everything happened in the first half of Fiorentina-Sassuolo, beyond the two goals scored by Gregoire Defrel for the 0-2 with which the teams went to rest at half-time. The game was mainly moved in terms of the direction of the match, entrusted to the referee Daniele Chiffi.

The first unscheduled occurred at the beginning of the game, characterized by a failure of the VAR, announced by Franchi speakers to the benefit of the few present within the system. Chiffi thus began to arbitrate the meeting in the traditional way, without the support of the assistants with videos. The race proved to be quite nervous, physical and with protests on both fronts. In a few minutes the captain of Fiorentina German Pezzella he first claimed a penalty, seeing the referee dismiss his protests, then contested the decision to award the maximum foul for a foul on Djuricic, for the goal that unlocked the score.

The tense atmosphere that arose between the Fiorentina captain and the referee dragged on for the duration of the first half, with frequent protests by the Argentine defender. To the point of losing Chiffi’s patience a few seconds from the end of the first part of the race. At yet another protest by Pezzella, Chiffi approached him annoyed, showing him the whistle and making a provocation: “Do you want the whistle? Do you want to arbitrate?“.

After a few seasons with sporadic appearances, from the last championship Chiffi has now entered on a stable basis in the referees’ round of Serie A. During this year he had never refereed Fiorentina, while at the last tournament he was the match director between Sassuolo and Viola, ended with one sent off on each side.

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