Dl Relaunch, go-ahead from the Budget Committee to the Chamber. Superbonus 110% also for second homes, disability pensions doubled, another 20 million for bike bonuses and travel vouchers valid for 18 months


The Budget Committee in the Chamber has given the green light to the Relaunch Decree which will therefore arrive in the Chamber from Monday for discussion. Among the novelties the 110% superbonus for energy efficiency and seismic adjustment that can also be used for the second homes, including the terraced houses. But the are excluded stately homes, villas or castles, while among the buildings that will be able to use them there are also locker rooms of amateur sports clubs.

You will be able to take advantage of the maximum discounts for two real estate units and i have also been revised ceilings of subsidized expenses for the interventions of energy efficiency, the measures relating to the use of biomass and extension to district heating but in mountain municipalities not in the EU infringement procedure. “Great satisfaction for the result “which makes the intervention even more effective in terms of growth and sustainability”, was expressed by the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister, Riccardo Fraccaro.

Among the news there is also that for workers with an apprenticeship contract or term contract, even in administration, which have been “suspended from work” due to the measures of restraint of the coronavirus epidemic, the duration of the intake will be extended “equivalent” to the period of Suspension. Another of the changes introduced in these hours concerns the leave of absence: is extended from July 31 to August 31 the period (starting from March 5) for which i parents of children up to 12 years who are employees of private companies can request it (up to 30 days per head to 50% of pay).

On school, in the next school year the classes of the elementary they will also have less than 15 pupils. An amendment provides for a derogation from the “minimum and maximum number of pupils per class” also for the other levels of education, should it be necessary to comply with the anti Covid rules. Also expected temporary assignments for ATA teachers and staff and the conclusion of the ballots by the end of the lessons. Time contracts, we read, are terminated if the activity is suspended in the presence. In addition, the funds for the peer schools that come in all to 300 million, 100 for the 0-6 age group and 50 for primary and secondary schools.

He university they will be able to choose one month in 2020 in which travel by train is access to museums they will be free. They are allocated 10 million, with the aim of “promoting and incentivizing the tourism sector through the cultural and educational-museum sector”. And just as regards tourism, i canceled travel and vacation vouchers because of the coronavirus until September 30 will be valid for 18 monthsafter which, if they have not been used for other bookings, they will be entitled to a refund. The same goes for i concert tickets, if they will not be rescheduled within a year and a half from the cancellation. The rules also apply to travel vouchers already issued. The new ones will not need to be accepted by the recipient and can be used even after the deadline, provided that the booking – also with another operator of the same group – takes place within the terms of 18 months. The reimbursements are also extended to those who have interrupted, or will miss, the year of study abroad.

Meanwhile, the amendment, signed by Stefano Fassina (Leu) with Stefano Ceccanti (Pd), which limits the so-called ‘superpowers‘Which the original text attributed to Ministry of Economy: the Treasury could make its own decrees budget changes deemed necessary to implement the measures of the decree, albeit “unchanged from the effects on public finance balances”. For this type of ‘power’, the approved amendment now introduces the time limit of the financial year 2020, an opinion of the parliamentary committees Budget and, adds Fassina, “circumscribes the perimeter of ministerial decrees to the rules they have spending forecasts, and not to spending authorizations, which are and remain the parliamentary competence “.

Another novelty included in the text concerns the emergency income: even the families they occupy illegally a property, if they are in economic difficulty and if in the presence of minor or people seriously sick or carriers of handicap, can access the benefit. But only for the emergency phase Covid and not beyond September 30 2020. As regards instead i summer centres, has been extended by 0 to 16 years the age group (previously it was 3-14 years) to which the projects put in place by the Common from June to September, thanks to additional funding from 150 million allocated. Finally, an amendment by Italia Viva equates i social services to essential public services: therefore they cannot be never interrupted, not even in emergency situations like the coronavirus pandemic.

They double also the disability pensions, today still at 285 euros also for the total disabled. “Thanks to our insistence, all political forces have agreed to support and subscribe to our amendment to establish a special fund in the Relaunch Decree that the Government will have to use (and feed) to bring the pensions of the total disabled to at least 516 euros“, Exults Giorgia Meloni.

For what concern bike bonus, Paola Deiana, M5s deputy and group leader in the Environment Committee announced that this was “extended by an additional 20 million in order to avoid any click day hypothesis “. The funds will also be used to cover those who “risked being excluded from the bonus”, given that the measure had “a success above all expectations”. “Sufficient funds had already been allocated for the purchase of 450 thousand bicycles, but the data show us how almost 600,000 pieces have been sold to date. Dizzying figures that portend a new, finally sustainable mobility “.

on car they arrive incentives up to € 3,500 for those who buy a car euro 6. The Pd amendment, reformulated, in fact provides for a state bonus of 1,500 euros, if the seller makes a discount of at least another 2,000 euros, for those who scrap a vehicle that is at least 10 years old. The incentive is halved without scrapping. The bonus is valid for purchases between 1st August and 31st December 2020 of cars with emission limits between 61 and 110 grams per kilometer and with price up to 40 thousand euros net of VAT. In addition, it strengthens for the last 5 months of 2020 on contribution for hybrid and electric vehicles, which increases by 4 thousand euros in case of scrapping e 2 thousand without. In case of scrapping, the incentive for cars with emissions between 0 and 20 grams per km of Co2, now at 6 thousand euros, therefore rises to 10 thousand euros (of which 2 thousand paid by the seller), while for vehicles with emissions between 21 and 60 grams per km goes from the current 2,500 euros to 6,500 euros.

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