Distraught Woltersumers appeal to mayor: ‘Our lives are being crushed’


In an open letter, the Woltersumers explain how they got stuck in the bureaucracy ‘Our houses are in struts, and nine months ago, Minister Wiebes promised to give the House of Representatives priority for our case. We concluded an agreement with the municipality that would speed up our case, but we will continue to play with official mills. Our lives are being crushed, “they say.

The letter writers refer to the plan they came up with last year to get things back on track and were initially enthusiastically received by the authorities involved. “It took some time: in anticipation of the official procedures, we could have a house drawn with the help of the municipality and go through the municipal procedures. So that demolition could start as soon as there was an agreement. ”

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Moreover, when Minister Wiebes promised that their case would be handled as a priority by the National Coordinator Groningen (NCG), light finally shone at the end of the tunnel. But that hope has now returned to the Groningen soil. According to the Woltersumers, this is due to official unwillingness. Not only at the NCG, but also at the municipality of Groningen.

Is this the church you want to lead?

Woltersumers in a letter to Mayor Schuiling

That’s why they are now turning directly to the mayor. “Your departments have completely lost touch with reality. We call you to account for this. (…) We no longer sleep and see no way out. Is this the church you want to lead? What will you do about it?

Read the full open letter here

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