Distance learning: the protest of the teachers of the “Enriques” of which the media do not speak


The grown-ups media they don’t see the news, but the news is there: the teachers of a Livorno High School (the Enriques State High School) they launched one at the end of May “Collecting signatures against the hypothesis of DAD in September, for a return to presence with adequate resources and in safety“. Signatures in a month online collections – despite the almost absolute silence of the newspapers (except for some local newspapers) – they touched two thousand. At this point the promoters of the initiative have decided to widen the audience of possible signatories “to all those people (workers, students, parents and others) who want to support the campaign for a resumption of teaching in presence in total safety. ».

The “DaD”, A pale imitation of true teaching

The text of the appeal clarifies that the “DaD”Is not true teaching, ma «A series of emergency interventions, which cannot be repeated, which cannot even be thought of as” normal “integration of face-to-face activities”.

«Remote activities», continue the document, “They weaken the relational dimension between teachers and learners and hinder the relationship between peers as an element and constitutive objective of the educational and instructional processes”. Moreover “The closure of the schools loads the families with tasks of assistance and study support which, in respect of the right to education, must be entrusted to the public school system”. Moreover, the “DaD” «Illegitimately weighs on the private logistic resources of teachers and learners, requires to work in situation decontrattualizzata and it takes important financial resources from public schools to allocate them to private companies that have bet on the institutionalization of online activities ».

ICOTEA_19_dentro article

Therefore “We consider the hypotheses put forward so far by the Ministry to be completely inadequate, having chosen the Technical Scientific Committee as the only interlocutor, excluding, in addition to the representatives from the world of schools, essential presences in the drafting of protocols such as the Ministry of Health and INAIL”.
‘Unacceptable’ I am therefore “Both the hypothesis of” mixed teaching “, with half-alternate classes in presence and at a distance, and the idea of ​​reduced lesson time, measures of dubious health efficacy but certainly damage the right to study”.

«The School cannot be“ outsourced ”»

And here are the concrete proposals of the teachers: first of all, the decrease in the number of pupils per class, because “it is intolerable that on the one hand we refer to distance and on the other we proceed to form, as always, chicken coop classes”. He then asked for the immediate start of “an investment and work plan to expand the structures and make the existing ones safe”. On the other hand, according to the teachers, «reject any use of the third sector for teaching management: the school cannot be “outsourced” ».

“It is not the emergency, but the political inability to determine the use of online tools”

The conclusion of the document is lapidary: “If these measures are not taken, it must be clear that it is not thereemergency, but lpolitical inability to determine the use of tools online: and for these reasons we will not be willing to passively accept the reiteration of a situation that tramples on our rights as male and female workers, mortifies our professionalism, penalizes families and denies children (s) and those who are their fundamental rights » .

It is not Italy portrayed by TV

Born before documents of the “Virgilio” high schools e “Mamiani” of Rome, the position taken by the Livorno teachers is even more direct, determined, harsh. Maybe that’s why it was deliberately ignored by the press “that counts”? Someone doesn’t want them (many) unheard voices of dissent affect the idyllic painting (painted every day for four months from mane to evening through news programs, spot pounding advertisers, “politically correct” debates, “talk show“) Of an Italy enthusiastic about the” remote “school?

Why so much diligence in frescoing the serene painting of an Italy so concordant and happy in giving up its rights as long as the Government saves it from the “invisible enemy” (although the official pandemic data from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità of 9 July do not confirm at all that it is “black Death“)? Why this insistence in the Government in wanting to prolong the state of emergency until 31 December? Maybe also why in this way it will be possible to continue to govern with blows of DPCM, circumventing rights and the Constitution (and imposing, among other things, the “DaD“To the bitter end)?

Conflicts of interest?

Moreover – admitted and not granted that the “DaD“Is a good and right thing, the duty of teachers and a source of salvation – because you do not invest in the creation of a national platform owned by the State, rather than serving the School (and the data of teachers, students and parents) on a silver platter to Google and other multinational billionaires?

Because the management of the institutional e-mail address of the teachers “@ instruction.it” (and therefore of the sensitive data of the teachers themselves) was also contracted to Aruba, private company?
E because “important” journalists – albeit handsomely paid to inform, ask questions and keep under control those who administer – certain questions (common sense) do not really imagine?

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