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Pietro De Leo

Burrow for Di Maio. A scoop of theAdnkronos he broke the news of a meeting, dated 24 June, of the Foreign Minister with the former president of the ECB Mario Draghi, and the circumstance falls on an excited political day, with many complex dossiers on the table, in a scenario that defining fluid is an understatement.

The Farnesina’s formalism robs the interview at one of the “usual institutional meetings that the owner of the Farnesina is also used to conduct with other institutional authorities. It was a positive and fruitful meeting ». At the center of the table, filtered by the ministry, “the European dossiers by virtue of the role played by Mario Draghi at the top of the European Central Bank”.

Beyond the clarification that it does not limit the scenarios, but rather widens them, the whirlwind of interpretations starts. The appointment, in fact, fits into a very precise puzzle, whose first cards must be laid in the very first phase of the lockdown in our country, when the former president of Bankitalia and ECB in an intervention in the Financial Times set a series of programmatic ideas on the economic response to the consequences of Coronavirus. It had not seemed, to most, a casual exit, given that his profile, a few weeks earlier, had entered the vortex of possible substitutes at Palazzo Chigi of a Count in decline in consensus and with problems of cohesion within the majority.

Today, the theme returns. As you know, the majority daily face a via crucis of quarrels, the files on the table are closed little and badly, or with an unacceptable delay if we consider the moment. And unfortunately, an autumn is coming when the impact of Covid will fall on the living flesh of the real economy. So it is a logical consequence that the news of the interview is another relevant factor. On which the center-right is slinged. The leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, reads it this way: «Di Maio meets Draghi and sends Conte” Giuseppe be calm “». The group leader of the House party, Francesco Lollobrigida, draws up a series of questions: «We ask to know the contents of the meeting between Luigi Di Maio and Mario Draghi. Why did the Foreign Minister meet with former ECB number one? And why so much reserve on the face to face? Did the owner of the Farnesina express a position in the name and on behalf of Italy on particularly sensitive files? “.

From Forza Italia, Maurizio Gasparri tweets ironically about a Di Maio “with the abacus in hand”. From the League, the group leader in the Chamber Riccardo Molinari observes: “It seems completely normal to me, I don’t see anything else behind it”, although, it stings, it would be to ask “rather to his party companions, to the 5Stelle, if they don’t have them more to say .. ».

The MEP Marco Zanni, for his part, after saying that there is nothing wrong with what has happened, asks: «what do the Five Stars comparators of Di Maio have to say? It would be nice to ask them for their opinion ». From the majority, only Renziano Anzaldi speaks: «The meeting came out only today, however, without having clearly understood the subject of the discussion. Also on this Di Maio has backed down, after attacking for years the ECB and its former president when the 5-star Movement was in opposition. Positive that he changed his mind, too bad he tried to keep it hidden ». Mouths sewn by Pd and M5S, a sign of the critical passage experienced yesterday also by the government coalition.

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