DIRT 5 at 120 fps also on PS5, the mode will not be exclusive to Xbox Series X – Multiplayer.it


DIRT 5 will turn to 120 fps also on SS5, which means that such a high frame rate mode is not exclusive to Xbox Series X: the developers confirmed on the pages of Official PlayStation Magazine.

“The power of PlayStation 5 it will also allow us to have an option to run DIRT 5 at 120 fps, which is very exciting for users who know how each frame counts, “explained development director Rob Karp.

At this point it will be necessary to understand if there will be differences in terms of resolution between the two consoles for the same frames: a theme that we imagine will become recurring as regards multi-platform productions.

Announced by Codemasters with a trailer during the Xbox Series X event, DIRT 5 will aim to offer a significantly higher visual impact than in previous episodes of the series.

Not only that: the career mode of DIRT 5 can count on the presence of exceptional storytellers such as Troy Baker is Nolan North.

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