Director General of the Ministry of Health: 4,000 beds with the ability to breathe are needed for the winter


The Subcommittee on Policy and Strategy, chaired by MK Zvi Hauser, held its first discussion yesterday, which was devoted to the issue of the IDF and the Ministry of Defense’s preparations to assist in the fight against the corona virus, with an emphasis on medical assistance and assessments for winter 2020.

Prof. Levy was asked about the attribution scenario of the health system to the respiratory systems for the winter, and said that the attribution scenario establishes 4,000 beds with respiratory capabilities, of which 2,000 for corona patients and 2,000 souls for other patients including influenza patients. Committee members expressed skepticism about being able to meet this number, and Prof. Levy said beds, combined with respirators and other means, would be able to provide a solution for 4,000 patients, but the gap is in manpower – the amount of medical staff needed to treat such a number of patients. Prof. Levy said that there is no practical budgetary option to staff the standard amount of standards in procedures for such a number of hospital beds, and therefore hospitals will be forced to divert internal manpower, at the expense of other activities.

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