dinosaur survival horror is featured in a video


The independent development team of Jaw Drop Games officially presents the Deathground project, an ambitious survival horror with first-person view that is inspired by Alien Isolation and the Jurassic Park series.

The title catapults fans of the genre into one mysterious jungle populated by ferocious dinosaurs brought back to life by modern advances in genetics. According to its authors, each dinosaur will be equipped with aArtificial intelligence refined enough to foresee dynamic behaviors that will change according to the game style adopted by the users.

Our task will be to form a group of professional hunters and to go into the jungle to recover the high value loot represented by scientific data. Each team will consist of maximum three players, but it will also be possible to take on the challenges in complete solitude.

Each mission will have random extraction points and dynamic objectives, two factors that will force fans to constantly change their approach in a crescendo of emotions and suspense caused by the unpredictable experiences they have to live while being hunted by these prehistoric creatures. Hunters will also have one wide range of items and weapons, with many elements of equipment to be created and enhanced with a crafting system.

To finance their project, the Jaw Drop Games team relied on private crowdfunding: the Deathground Kickstarter campaign is already active with 34,000 euros raised in a few days, against a request for about 89,000 euros advanced by the developers to ensure the realization of the entire playful experience and promised content.

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