Digital guidance will increase tourism to Norberg


At the mining museum a stone ‘s throw outside Norberg, there are four guide stations located, one at the railway station, another at Svinryggen and the final guide spot at Polhemshjulet.

– It is possible to take the guided tours separately, but if you listen to the guide stations in chronological order, you get a fantastic story about both Kärrgruvan and Norberg, explains Tobias Back, association and business developer at Norberg municipality.

Mining expert handles the guidance

To take part in the stories, visitors scan a digital QR code with their smart phone.

– It is Niklas Ulfvebrand who is the narrator’s voice. He is a mountain historian and has managed to highlight the slightly odd stories from the mining industry.

The information that is told in the guides is taken from tales, research, but above all it is the information from the facts and documentation that is available within the mining administration in Norberg.

Do you have a personal favorite among the tourist destinations?

– The back of a pig is an exciting place. Where you walk on a ridge between 18 different mining holes. A breathtaking mining-historical romantic place that I highly recommend, says Tobias Back.

Tobias Back at Norberg municipality recommends tourists to visit Svinryggen, among other places, as it is an exciting place with many superficial mining holes. Photo: Sandra Fonnisson / SVT Västmanland

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