Different tire compounds during weekends at Silverstone: ‘Extra element’


The British GP will be held at Silverstone next weekend, a week later the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix is ​​on the agenda. Strikingly, Pirelli chose different tire compounds for the two races at Silverstone. “For the second race, we should mostly see two-stopers.”

Just like last year, Pirelli provides the three hardest compounds for the British Grand Prix: the C1 (white, hard tire), C2 (yellow, medium tire) and C3 (red, soft tire). For the anniversary number a week later, Pirelli chose the softer compounds: the C2 (white, hard tire), the C3 (yellow, medium tire) and the C4 (red, soft tire). According to Pirelli boss, the difference in compound will make a big difference.

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“With two races on a track that is familiar to the teams, it was important to add an extra element to the second race,” explains Isola. “That is why we decided to make a compound ‘softer’ for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. The choice of tires for the British GP is the same as the one we used last year. It should roughly yield one or two pit stops. For the second race, depending on the drivers’ strategy, we should mostly see two-stopers, ”predicts the Italian.

During the second weekend at Silverstone, the C4 tire, the soft rubber, is the unknown factor. Understanding that bond as quickly as possible becomes very important, according to Isola. “That will be the key for the second race, the teams will have enough information about the C2 and C3 by then. Silverstone is characterized by large lateral forces that provide a lot of energy in the tires. Preventing overheating and wear is becoming very important, “says Isola.

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