Died by paragliding in Trappeto, the widow: “We want the truth, Sandro deserves it”


«Have you ever dreamed of being an eagle? I do». So Sandro Inghilleri, the expert paraglider from Partinico, who died on 22 June after a crash, joked with his wife about the rare times when she expressed concerns about this sport, perhaps considered a little dangerous. But Inghilleri loved to fly and did it since ’96. “I was more afraid of an accident in the countryside, with the tractor, than one in flight”, now recalls Maria Rosa Falsitta, 45 years old, 25 of whom passed side by side with her Sandro – Icaro.

«I feel annihilated, but it is right that if there are responsibilities in this strange story that emerge “. The widow Inghilleri chose to break the silence 20 days after that accident that swept away, like a hurricane, her life and that of the daughter of the couple Silvia, who is 15 years old. For her, her dad already imagined organizing a big party for 18 years.

Mariella Pagliaro’s article in the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands

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