“Did you make yourself a toy boy?”: Alba Parietti and the young violinist are on everyone’s lips


Photos of the mysterious young man with whom Alba Parietti is being immortalized in the last few days are sparking a new and spicy gossip. The showgirl flew to the Balearics to spend a few days between sea and relaxation, but the shots published on her Instagram page are literally making the web chat. In fact, many are wondering if the young man next to him is her new boyfriend.

To insinuate the doubt among Parietti’s followers is the large number of photographs that have begun to circulate on the popular social network in the last week. Not one but numerous are, in fact, the images that immortalize Alba, smiling and carefree, side by side of a young and unknown boy. Selfies taken by the sea, at sunset and just before a dinner with a breathtaking view that sparked chatter on the web: “You deserve this toand boy. Ghate him “,” Nice boy. Looks like Claudio Amendola when he was young “,” Did you make yourself a toy boy? “,” Beautiful couple..the couple of summer 2020“, “But who is that baby?“. Curious and often pungent comments that have not left Alba indifferent, who has tried to dispel any doubts about it.

Alba Parietti’s followers were not persuaded by the showgirl’s explanations which, under some sharp comments, clarified: “We are really just great friends“The curiosity about the handsome young man has remained high and only in the past few hours has the showgirl revealed her identity. The mysterious boy is none other than the promising violinist from Salento Cristiano Urso, who seems to be tied to Parietti by a beautiful friendship. Despite the obvious difference in age, a good relationship would have arisen between the two, so much so that Urso on his Instagram page writes about Alba: “You are one of the most beautiful, good and generous people I know. Thank you for being a friend and for always being there. I’ll wait for our goodnight call“. Between the two there would be, therefore, an innocent attendance with lots of nightly calls and long chats.

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