Did the Puy du Fou respect the sanitary rules?


The crowd of 12,000 people, seated next to each other, was impressive. Friday, July 24, did the Puy du Fou, a park located in Vendée, comply with the health rules in force? There were no empty chairs between spectators and only one obligation: to wear a mask. A few minutes before the performance, the instructions seemed respected. A spectator comments: “You have to protect yourself and from that moment on, you have to continue living and enjoying the holidays!”

How could such a gathering be held when, since the beginning of July, the law provides that “no event bringing together more than 5,000 people can take place on the territory of the Republic until August 31, 2020”. The management of the park claims to have found the parade by dividing the stand into three parts by plexiglass windows and in the end, three parts bringing together 4,000 people. Officially, precautions have been taken to welcome the public.

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