Deputies without a mask in Congress who approved its use in closed spaces


On all the benches, uncovered faces were seen on Wednesday despite reminders from President Meritxel Batet

Psimo example of the deputies of Congress: without masks or social distancing

Congress was the scene of the political debate and the successive votes on the alarm status decreed to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. There it was also endorsed the decree on the new normality which, in other matters, stipulated the use of the mask in closed spaces as one of the basic measures to prevent contagion once the confinement has ended. A use that later has been expanded and made compulsory outdoors in most of the communities.

However, many of the deputies did not give the best example on Wednesday of the plenary session on the same protection measures approved by the Lower House. In a closed space such as the hemicycle, and with an interpersonal distance less than that recommended, it was possible to see numerous representatives of different groups who mouth and nose were not covered.

Given this fact, the President of Congress warned the audience in the morning that, when the session for the face-to-face vote resumed, all must wear a mask and comply with health regulations. Meritxell Batet reminds us that the institution itself can provide them if necessary.

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