Dennis was fired by Action: ‘Career in trash can for 3 cent bag’


After a long trial, Dennis Kossink (41) was finally told yesterday that his dismissal was unjustified. He receives compensation of over 7,000 euros from Action.

And he really needs that money. “I am very happy that I get this money,” he tells Editie NL. “I actually think it is right that I get it, because I have suffered enormous damage from all this.”

Dennis was immediately fired by his employer. “Then you cannot apply for unemployment benefits, so I had to go to social assistance.”

He now works for the municipality on the basis of a volunteer contract. He does not have a view of a permanent job. “They want to offer me a volunteer contract for the time being, my career has suffered a huge dent. It is already difficult for me to find a job given my age and the corona crisis. And then I also have this on my notch. My career is in the trash for a 3 cent bag. ”


The resignation and all the misery around it also gave him a big blow mentally. “I am now on medication because it has put me on a lot of stress.”

Action has a zero tolerance policy regarding theft. But not every employer is as clear about this, and that can cause problems, says Gijs Hiltermann, business economist and author of the book ‘Swiping the boss’.

“Companies must be clear about it, because if you don’t, people will draw their own limits,” he tells EditieNL.

Small amounts

“It often concerns a pen or a notepad, small amounts that are actually not about anything. And if the boundaries are not clear, as a company you have no leg to stand up to the judge.”

Who hasn’t even put a stack of paper in their bag? “Everything in the workplace belongs to the employer, so everything is theft. But the question is: how does the employer see that? Experience has shown that the parties generally come out together, without going to court. An arrangement is then made. between both parties. ”


Taking a pen with you, is that theft right away? You also use it for work? “If you take something from the office, keep in mind: do you do it when the boss is standing next to you?” Says Johan Klokman, senior consultant Fraud and Integrity at Hoffmann. “In principle you are not allowed to take tea bags, pens, scrapbooks. But if you use that pen for business travel and you take it home, it is not theft.”

Whether it is a pen or a bag: “Often employees who steal something are fired with immediate effect. It is not about the amount but about whether the employer can still trust his employee. That is why there are even someone is fired for small amounts. ”

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