Dennis Schouten switches from Talpa to news platform of GeenStijl | NOW


Reporter Dennis Schouten switches from Talpa to NewNews, a news platform from No style. Schouten starts working as chef video.

The 25-year-old from Twente says he is very much looking forward to it. “After years of working for a boss, I think I can now do it better myself,” he says via Instagram.

Within the position, he will deliver new videos every day, but also supervise new talent. The presenter says he is looking for new people who would like to have their say in front of the camera.

Schouten will remain affiliated with PowNed, where he works as a reporter on a freelance basis. He regularly makes the news with his reports.

Schouten previously added No style known to have to leave Talpa because in his YouTube section Gossip talk insulting statements about transgender people had been made. For example, there was talk of ‘trannies’, a name for transgender people that is perceived as hurtful.

After Talpa tapped him, Schouten decided to bring this out. The media company did not thank him for that. Talpa then decided to stop working with him.

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