Defense helicopter crashed at Aruba, location is recorded NOW


The Defense helicopter that crashed near Aruba on Sunday sunk, Defense reports Tuesday. Two of the four floating bodies, like balloons that held the vehicle on the surface of the water, were broken. Two occupants were killed in the accident on Sunday. Defense will record the position of the sunken aircraft.

It was already feared that the helicopter would sink. Salvaging was difficult due to waves of 2.5 meters and wind force 7. The helicopter had already drifted to a place at sea that is 2.5 meters deep.

On Sunday, an NH90 helicopter crashed with a total of four people on board when it was en route back to the Navy ship Zr. Ms. Groningen. In the crash, 34-year-old pilot Christine Martens and 33-year-old coordinator Erwin Warnies were killed. The two survivors suffered “no serious physical injury”.

The cause of the accident is not yet known. The device would have been reliable and functioning properly. The black box of the NH90 is salvaged and can be examined.

According to the Defense Operations Director, multiple investigations will be conducted by the Dutch Safety Board and the Defense Security Inspectorate into the incident. However, Defense’s first priority will be to repatriate the victims.

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