defeated in the derby, but with his head held high


TURIN, ITALY – JULY 04: Paulo Dybala (C) of Juventus is challengd by Gleison Bremer (L) and Soualiho Meite of Torino FC during the Serie A match between Juventus and Torino FC at Allianz Stadium on July 4, 2020 in Turin, Italy . (Photo by Valerio Pennicino / Getty Images)

When you take 4 goals there is nothing to say, it is a deserved defeat, but in this case the difference of three goals is really an excessive punishment for what the Bull showed in the second half. Yes, because in the first 45 minutes the grenades appeared too confused and intimidated by Juventus’ really aggressive high pressure. So much so that after only two minutes of play Dybala sent two grenade defenders to the ground and then scored the first goal. The Bull immediately sought a reaction (a little shy) with Verdi and Berenguer, among the most active in the grenade. At 15 ‘just the number 24 grenade found a nice cross shot that cut the whole Juventus defense but also surprised Berenguer, slightly behind on the ball. A first light in this first half grenade, given that Ronaldo two minutes later, at 17 ‘, first disoriented Lyanco and then kicked hard but central with Sirigu who was not surprised.

Preamble to the second goal that arrived on time at 28 ‘: the black and white number 7 started on the counterattack. Grenade too unbalanced forward, unloading on the current Cuadrado, who faked on Lyanco and with a nice diagonal pierced Sirigu. There was another reaction from Toro entrusted to a shot by Verdi which Buffon rejected well. Just the former Neapolitan was the protagonist of the first grenade goal with a nice shot that broke on De Ligt’s arm.

The referee Maresca – called by the VAR – decreed the penalty kick that Belotti transformed. Thus ended the first phase of the game. With a Bull who has shortened the distances but was not at all convincing except for the personal initiatives of the darting Verdi. In the second half a grenade debacle was expected, which would actually come for the final score with two more goals conceded. In reality, however, the Bull entered the field with another spirit, more combative, more lively and was able to put Juventus under his crushing in his own half: the grenades believed in the comeback.

He is a Bull who played high and surprised Juventus so much that at the 49 ‘the grenades had also reached the tie, after an incessant action, thwarted by the offside of Belotti. The maneuver of the grenades in these situations appeared fluid and in defense Izzo and Lyanco completely transformed with respect to the first 45 minutes. The Neapolitan often anticipated Ronaldo while the Brazilian played in advance several times, sorting the game well in defense. Just in the best moment of the grenade and the greatest difficulty of the bianconeri, the magic of CR7 arrived with a free kick at 60 ‘(whistled for a hand ball by Aina) that the good Sirigu managed only to touch.

Despite the third goal suffered, Toro continued to play, he never gave up: at 72 ‘Belotti was literally trampled in the area by Cuadrado. Maresca did not blow the whistle and after an interruption to help Belotti he continued the game without VAR review. The penalty was stark! In the end the meltdown: the unfortunate Djidji sent a cross into the net that sanctioned the defeat grenade for 4 to 1. A result and an unfair punishment for a Bull who knew how to play it better against a team that at technical level has no comparison . In certain moments of the game this gap was not seen thanks to the desire of the grenade to reach the draw. The Bull did not disfigure as he could have imagined before the game. Both Longo and the players come out with their heads held high. The only drawback, in my opinion, was the replacement of Verdi who was the most dangerous attacker of the Bull and perhaps could have given even more.

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