Death Stranding Review (PC) – Buy, Budget Bin or Demolition?


One of the favorite games of 2020 for the editors is Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima. Boris and JJ would rather masturbate with a cheese slicer than play this, but the rest think it’s a masterpiece. Logical that Jelle and Koos would like to play Death Stranding on the PC again. Who knows, maybe the effect was even bigger? Or finally understood what the hell this whole game was about. You check it all out in the Death Stranding PC Review.

Because what exactly is Death Stranding?

Who knows may say. In the reviews we were not completely sure. Would Jelle and Koos know more after playing the game again? Although the game will be playable on the PlayStation 4 from November 8, there are still huge discussions about what is meant by this game. Many people are still having their mouths full or disagree. And probably this is exactly what Kojima wants. He likes a nice dose of vagueness.

A masterpiece by Hideo Kojima?

In the Premium and the open review, Jelle and Skate already indicated that they found Kojima’s game to be a really strong one. Jelle even spoke of an outright masterpiece. And the man does not do that often. Koos now joins in. He previously played the game on PS4, but has now relived the game on PC. Does he agree with Jelle that we are dealing with a masterpiece here? And why then? Because some people really don’t like it three times. Are they crazy then? And how are the images on the PC? Because PlayStation exclusives are not often released on PC. And has some gameplay changed wise, or is it really a straight port? You can see and hear it all in this review of Death Stranding on PC.

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