De Laurentiis: ‘Serie A from September 12 madness! Osimhen? He changed agent, he comes from another continent. We will see … ‘| First page


The start date of the championship is still unknown Serie A 2020/21. There are no definitive dates, but the president of Naples, Aurelio De Laurentiis, he loses balance by talking about what the Serie A League has in mind and what his thought is. These are his words about it during the presentation conference for the next retreat in Castel di Sangro: “There was a crazy proposal from the League to resume the championship on September 12th, I don’t think it will go like this and personally I would say on October 4th. If we really want to anticipate it, we do September 26 “.The patron blue then answered questions on Victor Osimhen, target number one for the attack, which in the morning had ironized on his Twitter profile about the rumors about an ultimatum of Napoli: “Will he be in Castel di Sangro with us? And who knows… Caputo at 33 made 16 goals in Serie A. This shows that one must be humble, honest and pedal. Osimhen comes from another continent, now he has a new agentthe background has been swept away. They have another culture. We will see what will happen.

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