Daydreamer Advances 13 July 2020: A rival for Can …


Let’s see the Plots and Advances of the Soap Daydreamer – The Wings of the Dream. In the episode of Monday 13 July 2020. Here’s what will happen in the episode aired on Canale5.

Let’s see what the Advances of Daydreamer of the bet of 13 July 2020. In the Weft dell’episode broadcast at 2.45 pm on Channel 5, Aylin is in major economic difficulties and decides to mortgage his house first and then to play cunning with Fikri Harika. in the meantime Sanem is convinced that Levent be Albatros and continue to investigate him. The son of Remide In the meantime, Can organize the advertising campaign for organic products and the Divit cannot hide its jealousy towards its new customer. Poland instead he continues to try to win back his ex-boyfriend.

Sanem believes Levent to be Albatros in this July 13, 2020 Daydreamer episode

He has arrived at Fikri Harika Levent, the son of Remide. He will replace his mother for the organic products campaign and decide with Can how their companies will collaborate. Sanem is attracted to another man which is not the Divit but simply because he believes it is Albatros. The new client is in fact tall, with long hair and elegantly dressed and really seems to correspond to the mysterious man who kissed him on the evening of the party. Can is obviously jealous of the newcomer and tries to make Sanem understand that he is taking a big blunder.

Advances Daydreamer: Aylin in economic difficulties deceives Can

Aylin he found he didn’t have enough money to pay off his debts and decided to mortgage his home. The girl informs Emre to be in trouble and the young Divit, still very much in love with her, leaves her the ring he should have given her to sell him and use the money to settle the payments. However, Yuksel does not want to accept almsgiving Emre and come up with a plan to solve his problems. Early in the morning he goes to Can’s house with a proposal: he will give him a campaign for a well-known car manufacturer if he will make her collaborate with that of organic products. The photographer accepts and before leaving the villa, she leaves the ring in Emre’s bedside table.

Daydreamer Anticipations: Can jealous of Levent but Polen …

Levent e Can organize the campaign for organic products. The two boys then meet at the sheds bought by Remide, for an inspection. Sanem he is with them – after all the idea is his – but there is also a surprise Poland. Can is obviously jealous of his new client but does not seem able to oppose him because of the increasingly annoying presence of his ex-girlfriend. In fact, Polen appears on the spot with dizzying heels, certainly not suitable for a country and dirty place like that. We will see some good ones … we anticipate that there will be a very special lunch between Levent, Polen, Can and Sanem in which there will be real challenges for those who are more jealous!

Daydreamer – The wings of the dream airs every day from Monday to Friday all 14.45

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