David Rees: “I am not different because I want to be different from the rest, I am like that”


Friday, July 24, 2020 – 08:54

David Rees (1994) has managed to make his rarity a virtue. After making a name on YouTube for five years, he has just released his debut album with the multinational Warner Music

David Rees

David Rees (1994) has managed to make its rarity a virtue. When fashion involves releasing video clips surrounded by girls, he is accompanied by Disney characters. When Latin sounds reign, she defends her ukulele. When you have to show self-love, bring out your most sensitive and innocent side. “I do not have different patterns because I want to be different from the rest but because I am like that and I think it is what is going to really take you to places,” says the extreme artist from British origins.

After making a name in Youtube for five years, Rees has just published his debut album, Yellow, with the multinational Warner Music. A job that in its first week of release has achieved the number one in sales. Something that only confirms his desire to wait for the right moment to get his own job despite having, for a long time, had hundreds of thousands of followers.

“I wanted to see my music reach people, that it meant something to them. Because you you can have a lot of followers on networks but they are there just to see things in your life, not from your art. Obviously the dream of releasing an album has always been there but for me there was no point in releasing an album without an audience behind and having to defend it. I don’t like doing things that stay in nothing, that are later forgotten. ”

In addition to the ukulele, play the harp, transverse flute, or piano. Music has always been present in her life but she has not been so clear about dedicating herself to it professionally. So I left her somewhat apart for estudiar psychologist. until a contest changed everything.

“With more than half the race done, there was a tipping point. I won a Damn Nerea group contest and I said, yolon, if I won this I can still do more. For me it was the most important day of my life because I changed my chip“he recalls.

At that time, David Rees bet for making himself known on YouTube. “There were a lot of people from the United States uploading their covers and I said, why don’t I do the same? I started making songs by other artists and little by little mixing them up to upload my own, “he says.

And the successes came: the first 100,000 reproductions, a worldwide viral video with Bely Basarte, concerts … And even a proposal to launch his own work that he rejected when considering that the conditions that offered him sought to change his art, modify who was it “Rejecting the record deal was hard because they have put your dream before you but you have not caught it because I felt that I should not do it. I never thought about throwing in the towel though. ”

“Having shown so much sincerity makes it easier to be wrong”

To his first song, written and published during a depressionI called her Transparent, one of the adjectives that best describe you. “I made it as a relief and I had no trouble sharing it. For me it has always been a very positive thing to share my dramas and my happiness with the world”.

Far from seeing it as a weak point, David defends that clarity that is often lacking in public figures. “Me I think it is also super positive to have told my life, rather than sell it. I feel that it is very important to know an artist to create it. AND I think having shown so much sincerity makes it easier to be wrong and don’t be judged for it. There are many cases of artists that you see as perfect people and you forget that they are human like you and like me. “

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