David Goffin doubtful about the US Open: “The situation is getting worse”


The health emergency that exploded due to the virus worldwide has stopped tennis and despite the fact that the new calendar for this season has been made official, there are several doubts among tennis players about the success of the recovery in activities.

What worries most tennis players is the situation in the United States of America where the number of contagions continues to grow and where it seems “absurd” to make tournaments with thousands of cases every day.

The calendar provides for the return to activities in American tournaments, in fact, tournaments should be played in Washington and especially the Cincinnati Masters 1000 and the US Open 2020.

David Goffin’s doubts about the US Open

Many tennis players in recent times have expressed doubts about the real possibility of playing the American Slam.

With Roger Federer knocked out due to injury, the first two tennis players in the world, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have expressed great and strong doubts about the possibility of playing the tournament in the United States, they even started training on clay, a clear indication of their idea to want to play Masters 1000 in Madrid and Rome and to focus their attention on Roland Garros.

Given the thought of the number 1 in the world it seems plausible that several other tennis players could follow this idea. Fabio Fognini’s coach also anticipated that the Italian tennis player will give up the US Open and will prefer to focus on other tournaments.

Belgian tennis player David Goffin has expressed his opinion on the US Open dispute and he also appeared very perplexed. Here are his statements to Eurosport’s microphones: “I’d like to play the US Open, but to date we don’t really know if this is possible.

The situation with the virus worsens day after day, we will try to play, but the situation is really difficult. We are preparing hard for all the important tournaments that we will have in the second half, but the situation can change.

I’m not sure if playing in New York, if I can go there, I want to find out how the situation evolves in that city first and then I will evaluate my things ”

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