Data miners discover Campaign, Zombies and Warzone Details


Data miners have uncovered a number of potential details about Call of Duty 2020, including reports on Zombies, Warzone, Campaign and Multiplayer maps.

Twitter user Prototype Warehouse revealed a number of tags in the game files that appear to come from ‘The Red Door’, a possible alpha from this year’s Call of Duty that appeared on the Microsoft Store earlier this week. Users have reported that they could download The Red Door and say that Call of Duty: Black Ops CIA after the download.

What was posted on Twitter yesterday seems to be about different game modes, the tweet below shows strings that can span the single player campaign such as “nam_armada, nam_prisoner” and “rus_kgb” suggesting parts of the story are in Vietnam and Russia will play. A leak from May suggests this year’s CoD is called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and is returning to the franchise’s historic setting.

Tags for multiplayer maps like Moscow, Satelite and Tank were also discovered, Eurogamer states that earlier this year CoD 2020’s gameplay leaks included a map called Tank. Dataminers also discovered references to Warzone such as “duga” and “ski slopes” and a lone tag about Zombie mode, “Silver.”

It is still unclear how this all ties together, but more and more evidence is surfacing for this year’s Call of Duty. Some expect the game to be officially unveiled this week during the Xbox Games Showcase, but nothing has yet been officially made of it.

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