Dana Ron responds to online incitement against Netanyahu


The storm of threats in the murder of Netanyahu. After we published earlier that the person using “Dana ‘Ron’ who allegedly threatened Netanyahu’s life is probably a fictional character, media woman Dana Ron comes out with a statement” Now she’s pretending to be a picture of me – it’s something sick this thing. She needs a psychiatric hospitalization. ”

Netanyahu claimed earlier that there were threats to his life and gave as an example a screenshot from the Facebook of a user named ‘Dana Ron’ and said that “Bibi should only be moved by force. Dictators move only with a bullet in the head. But an examination conducted by Yossi Dorfman raises great doubts about the authenticity of the profile. Dorfman brings a wealth of evidence that this is an avatar – a fictional character used to falsify reality.

The real Dana Ron, the media woman and participant in Survival, claims that her good name has been tarnished: “This is an escalation in impersonating me! His, just to create buzz around him. ”

Ron claims it could have led to threats on her life if she had been on the left side of the political map: “Because I am declared soft right I do not accept death threats, but it still hurts my good name, but imagine and I was on the left side of the map?”.

“I’m not going to file a complaint, nothing’s going to happen to her. It’s like talking to Lampe.”

Facebook Israel’s response: “An inspection conducted by our global teams abroad shows that the account in question is a fictitious account and therefore it was immediately removed from the platform. “The response itself violates our policy of calling for violence and has therefore been removed along with the profile through which it was written.”


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