Damon and Tarform, American challenge on the bike of the future


The two Tarform models: Luna Racer Edition and Luna Scramkler Edition

On the two coasts of North America, to be exact in Vancouver in Canada and Brooklyn in the United States, a technological and stylistic challenge is taking place on what the electric motorcycle of the future can and must be.

motion of the future
Damon Hypersport Pro

The protagonists are two start-ups, Damon Motorcycles and Tarform Motorcycles both about to finally arrive on the market with their revolutionary models: Damon Hypersport Pro is Tarform Luna.

Tarform Luna

Damon, boom in orders and landing in Europe

We talked about the first few months ago (read here) emphasizing the hyper-technological heart “dressed” by conventional lines. The second is no exception (we wrote about it here) as for futuristic technical solutions. But he declares them at first glance with an almost choccante line, so innovative. They combine the solutions of connection and hi-tech driving assistance. Will this be the main road for the bikes of the future?

Damon Motorcycles started with the wind in the stern thanks to the success of January at Ces of Las Vegas which produced a boom in pre-bookings. To what was already known (variable structure and an extraordinary endowment of active and passive safety systems) today adds two goodies. First: within the year will also deliver the first specimens in Europe.

Damon shows up with V2H certification

The first bike that powers the house

Second: it equipped the vehicle with a V2H connection system (vehicle to home) to fully enter the domestic ecosystem. This will allow the 21 kWh battery pack to Damon Hypersport to perform a double service by providing backup energy to a house when necessary and acting as an emergency generator. So far few car manufacturers are thinking about the V2H (for the moment only Nissan Leaf is enabled for bidirectional use). Damon is by far the first motorcycle manufacturer to think about it.

The renewed dynamism of the two electric wheels is largely linked to the psychological effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. For e-bikes the results are already sensational, but something is moving for bikes too. Damon, for example, had a 60% increase in bookings at the end of March, reaching a sales value of 16 million dollars. Jay Giraud, founder and CEO of Damon Motorcycles, announced in an interview that it will open presales on the European market “to offer a safer, smarter and more sustainable motorcycle for the European two-wheel community ».

The Damon Hypersport presents itself with exceptional performance: maximum speed of 322 km / h, 200 km of autonomy, 200 hp (150 kW) engine.

Tarform, a mix of style and innovation

The Covid-19 effect has also toned Tarform’s plans. Presented in 2018 as the first motorcycle of the future, it was to arrive on the market by 2019. But the plans seemed to have run aground due to economic and also development difficulties. Now comes the raise. In fact, the Brooklyn company has released new details on the bike and has announced that the first specimens will arrive later this year.

Two versions: Tarform Luna Racer Edition and the most essential Scrambler Edition. Both are now available for pre-order. The first deliveries, at the end of the year, will concern specimens Founder’s Edition. In all 54 pieces made to measure, at the cost of 42 thousand dollars. Standard editions will cost $ 24,000 and will be delivered starting in 2021.

What conquers the Tarform Luna are not so much performance (41 kW or 55 hp permanent magnet motor, 10 kWh modular battery, 200 km range in the city cycle, maximum speed 145 km / h, but acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds) elegance and artisan care bodywork. Many aluminum parts they are hand-forged.

Tarform is designed to evolve with technology

This justifies a price in line with the top models of the competitors Energica, Zero and Harley Davidson Live Wire. But with something less (performance) and something more: the originality of the lines and above all thedriving assistance which will include radar systems for 360 blind spot control and a 180 degree rear view camera. Another peculiarity: power train and bodywork can be replaced with updated components following the evolution of technology. Recycled aluminum, biodegradable leather, biodegradable corn starch plastic and innovative use of a flax fiber material for some parts of the bodywork are further advantages for lovers of sustainability.

Finally Tarform is equipped with “Sonic aura acoustic sound.” According to the site it is «a unique acoustic aura that gives the motorcycle an unmistakable presence made possible by the flow of electrons».

In short, you won’t have to wait too long to get on the bikes of the future.

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