Dagblad van het Noorden clarifies the possible transfer of Padt


The chance of a sensational summer transfer from FC Groningen goalkeeper Sergio Padt to FC Emmen is small. The Dagblad van het Noorden writes this in an analysis. It is more of a ‘short flirt’ than a ‘serious consideration’, it sounds

On Tuesday it was reported out of the blue that FC Emmen is interested in Padt. The goalkeeper should not cost more than one million euros due to a limited transfer fee in his contract. That there has been contact between FC Emmen and FC Groningen is certain, but the chance of a deal is nil.
According to the Dagblad van het Noorden, this has several reasons. Due to his age (30), Padt has little residual value, while Emmen never paid more than 500 thousand euros for a player. Moreover, there is sentiment: Groningen is reluctant to do business with the little brother from the region.
Since the call from Emmen chairman Ronald Lubbers, there would have been no contact with Groningen about the goalkeeper. “There is a good chance that it will remain that way,” concludes the Dagblad van het Noorden.


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