Curfew Antwerp starts, transit is still allowed


Earlier in the evening, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that tourist transit was also ‘not allowed’. This has now been changed to: “During curfew you can drive through this area to your destination in the south of Europe or from there back to the Netherlands.”

The measures were taken by the local government in Antwerp after a sharp increase in the number of corona infections in the province. People who violate curfew and other measures can be fined up to a maximum of 1600 euros. The measures have been in force for at least four weeks.

Travel warning

The Netherlands already issued negative travel advice yesterday. Unnecessary trips are not recommended. Those coming from the province of Antwerp to the Netherlands are urgently advised to go to home quarantine for two weeks. This is not necessary if people have just driven through it without stopping. Shopping, shopping, catering, days out and weekends are not possible for the time being.

There are exceptions, for example, for healthcare workers, cross-border workers and transport workers who have to travel for work. They do not have to be quarantined at home, unless they have complaints.


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