Curaçao plans to close border with Sint Maarten | Inland


The island registered two new cases last Tuesday, three a day later and ten on Thursday. Gerstenbluth told Friday evening (local time) that he will propose to the Curaçao government as soon as possible to stop granting free access to passengers from Sint Maarten.

Gerstenbluth is particularly concerned that the vast majority of infections in St. Maarten are local infections and are therefore not travel-related. According to him, this means that it is unclear how many people on the island who are infected without being registered.

On Thursday, an infection from the Netherlands was registered on Curaçao. There are now two active cases on the island. According to Gerstenbluth, Curaçao is also monitoring the situation in the Netherlands now that the number of infections has recently increased again.

Curaçao has already imposed restrictions on visitors from Spain. They could freely travel to Curaçao from 1 July, but according to Gerstenbluth there is now a higher risk.

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