Crucible returns to closed beta, the development team wants to recover the game –


Crucible come back in closed beta: The development team of the title produced by Amazon made this sensational decision to try to recover the game thanks to the help of the users.

Practically dead, with a three-digit number of users, the shooter could be the first game to carry out an inverse path, that is, returning to testing after the actual publication, which took place on May 20.

“We are organizing a group consisting of beta participants of all styles, from casual to highly competitive players, with whom we will work closely,” wrote Colin Johanson, head of the franchise.

“One of the most important changes you will see will be the fact that we will devote time each week to making developers play with the community, soliciting feedback.”

Apparently users who have already downloaded Crucible will be able to automatically access the tests, while others will have to apply as usual for the closed beta and hope to be selected.

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