Crossfire on Pierluigi Diaco. The latest attack is by Selvaggia Lucarelli


As if the climate around Pierluigi Diaco was not already fiery enough (The leader of the People of the Family Mario Adinolfi had brought him up talking about Rai’s homosexualization) against the conductor of Me and you on Rai 1, it also took the field Selvaggia Lucarelli with a long article dedicated to him on Il Fatto Quotidiano. Here are some excerpts. “Finally, the last case, the most disturbing one. That of a conductor, Pierluigi Diaco, arguing with a character from an overflowing ego and hypertrophic, with whom peaceful coexistence would be difficult for anyone: himself “, writes Selvaggia Lucarelli.

The attack – Then Selvaggia Lucarelli sinks the blow again: “Imagine the drama of this poor conductor that every time he has to interview someone in his program Io e te, he asks the questions to himself, in a sort of short circuit in Marzulliano, then giving himself reason, congratulating him for his acumen, shaking hands and making an appointment for the next episode with a exceptional guest, who courted for a long time: himself “, concludes Selvaggia Lucarelli.

Diaco and sexuality – The conductor who in recent days has threatened to leave social networks because he is constantly under attack also because of his homosexuality had let himself go to a long outburst on Twitter: “My sexuality is not an identity license but a detail of my personality . I am united civilly, I’m a Catholic and I’m a moderate voter who votes center-right. I can have the same respect as those who vote on the left without being accused of fascism? Common sense is neither right nor left. After all Giorgia Meloni, who is above all my friend, do we want to dismiss her as a right-wing phenomenon? It seems to me a brave woman with unconventional and ideological positions. As indeed Salvini. And their voters, “concluded Diaco.

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