Croatia stormed by “low cost” tourists


“Low cost” tourists are better than nothing.

Croatia has once again become a country where tourists wait in line to enter.
On Saturday morning the queues of cars in Istria, on the border with Slovenia, were quite long: at one point the wait to cross the border was even three hours!

According to the system data eVisitor, today in Croatia there are more than 500,000 visitors.
About 430,000 of them come from abroad, mainly from Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Croatia, the favorite destination to save

Some predictions of Croatian experts say that in the end there will be only 40% of tourist visits compared to 2019, while in terms of financial profit, the numbers are still uncertain, tourists are now more careful about spending.

And Croatia, cheaper than other seaside countries – such as, for example, Italy – becomes the favorite destination for families with budgets reduced to the bone by the Covid-19 crisis.

Also to Pola, known Croatian tourist resort, the souvenir shops and restaurants are mostly empty, except on weekends.

It seems that caution is greater when it comes to larger meeting places, given that the number of infections with Coronavirus is growing in Croatia.

Long bridge in France

Road weekend also troubled throughout France, where vacationers took advantage of the long bridge leading to Tuesday 14 July,National holiday.

An exceptional peak of 955 km traffic jams was reached on Saturday at noon.

According to the French road information service, “the situation was extraordinary, because the traffic level was much higher than that of 13 July last year”.

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