“Covid, it’s just probation | I’m disappointed by Nello Musumeci”


“But noooo, I don’t care about the numbers!”

Mayor, how? Did you finish second in the Champions League and don’t you care?

“I don’t care about numbers when you give numbers. I care a lot about what they represent and what they say. ”

And what do they say?

“That we have done a good job. But we’re not done. ”

In the meantime, Cateno De Luca, first citizen on the Strait, even if he does not admit it completely, he enjoys the moment of triumph. The austere ‘Sole 24 Ore’, in a survey on the approval of the mayors, placed him in second place in the general classification. Yes, Cateno, the one who entered the Ars half-naked, that of the conflict with the Minister Lamorgese and other vicissitudes in various capacities, between investigations, stage and reality. They call him ‘sheriff’. They teased him because the spectacle of certain poses, some excesses seemed excessive to someone. But numbers are numbers.

Then mayor. Second. Are you aiming for the Scudetto next year?

“Look, I never asked myself the problem of following people’s moods, even if, I repeat, it is news that comforts us in our action. But whoever follows the mood is just going to bump sooner or later and this is the real populism. I’m in the building. ”

And how is the building?

“Different. You must do what is necessary and you cannot escape. It takes courage. It takes a stomach. ”

The roar in the voice suggests that something bothered her in the comments.

“I can’t bear to say that I am second by grace received from the Coronavirus, a horrible way of thinking, moreover. For the record: where I administered I have always been confirmed with very high percentages. The first two years are generally the most difficult. Either you change the palace, or the palace changes you. And then you can’t change anything anymore. ”

Are you satisfied with your administrative action?

“A few years ago we were last in all, now no longer. Today we passed Palermo and Catania, the indicators claim it, not me. We are ahead in everything from finance to waste. I give one example among many: I was the first in Italy to downsize, according to organizational needs, the municipal bureaucracy, avoiding waste, reducing allowances and putting the citizen at the center of administrative action. Of course, we must always aim for improvement ”.

How did we change with Coronavirus?

“I went back to the origins, to the taste of the essentials. I spent a couple of months away with my family. I regained my role as a son to assist my dad. ”

Different and somewhat hidden thoughts have been outlined on the point, actually.

“Yes, I know, there are those who thought that I was away to detoxify … Absurd things. Actually I have detoxed myself from communication, from the fregola of appearing and from cigarettes. I smoked thirty a day, now I’m five. I’m happy. If you could, you will eliminate mobile phones when we are at the table. I can’t stand the huge tables and everyone with their eyes on the smartphone. ”

You were at the center of several controversies during Covid’s bitter period. Do you regret something?

“I defended my people, the people of Messina. Then, as I said, on can always improve. ”

Are we out of the worst moment?

“On Coronavirus I think this: we are in a transitory situation, on probation. We will be truly confident with a scientific remedy, vaccine or therapy. We have to do well not to go back. ”

Once he told of a conversation with Raffaele Lombardo. Here is the correct quote: “I told him plainly: ‘Raffaele, politics has changed. It is based on hyperbole ‘. And he asked me: ‘On what?’ And I: on the bullshit, Raffaè‘”. Are you still convinced of this?

“We have to distinguish the election campaign from the government. In the campaign phase, having in front of a uterine electorate that often changes orientation, you must be able to adapt. Then you administer and it’s a different thing. The actions you perform return to your face. ”

Your opinion on President Musumeci?

“I compare myself with the data. Economic and financial recovery? Zero. Cut unnecessary costs? Zero. Involvement of Municipalities? Zero. Waste? Zero. We will have to take them abroad shortly. What did Musumeci do? Zero. I am very disappointed in him. ”

The next home challenges?

“We have one hundred and seventy construction sites to open in the database. An expenditure of five hundred million euros for eighteen months, until December 2021. And then there is the question of the barracks that we have brought to national attention. We are confident. ”

The last two questions, answer me with a yes or a no.


Are you offended if they call you ‘sheriff’?


Always convinced that one day you will be President of the Region?


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