Covid: family ‘clusters’, 9 in Impruneta – Tuscany


                          <h2 class="news-stit">Outbreak also in the Pian di Scò family.</h2>
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        (ANSA) - FLORENCE, JULY 03 - The Asl Toscana Centro has discovered

an outbreak of nine Coronavirus positive in the municipality of
Impruneta: these are two families living together now
subjected to isolation and, in part, separated and intended for a
sanitary hotel. In the ‘cluster’ there would be a newborn baby. The
Coronavirus may have been contracted by one of the components
during a business trip outside Tuscany. The ‘cluster’ of
Impruneta emerged during a contact tracking
carried out by the territorial services starting from the first
two cases that emerged on 1 July in the same municipality.

A further seven cases of
of which five asymptomatic and two pauci-symptomatic, for a total,
considering the first two positives connected, of six asymptomatic
and three symptomatic pauci. Another family cluster discovered in Pian
of Scò (Arezzo): four positives, father, mother and two children
little ones.

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