Covid Cremona, intensive care reopens. Attacks on nurse Luca Alini after the outburst


«It was an outlet. Just an outlet. A week before, we had freed Pneumology from the last patient. Seven days later we hospitalized two of them, shortly thereafter the patients became ten in the whole hospital. The nightmare was one: to live the same situation again. I wrote those lines at ten in the evening before going home, I published them. I wanted people to help us by respecting rules and distancing. That’s all”.

A post on Facebook, a self-timer in the lane: lab coat, mask and protective glasses. «It is not my habit to take selfies, nor to publish them on Facebook. This I did tonight, at work – reads -. It is not a photo of March or April. In the ward we have started to hospitalize Covid patients with severe respiratory insufficiencies ». Luca Alini, 47, nurse for 27, is now troubled. “I’m not used to so much malice, to insults: under the photo now they even give me a terrorist,” he says on the phone with the Courier service during a break from work. He is one of the nurses on the front lines since the beginning of the emergency in Cremona, one of the cities most affected by the coronavirus. At the end of the shift, two days ago, he entrusted his outburst to social media, a few hours later he went viral. “The virus still exists – continues the post -. Most people now think of the sea, the mountains, an aperitif with friends, a weekend trip (…). In the meantime, we continue to do what we always do, even if now we are no longer heroes or angels, we no longer have any honorific title ».

Cremona hospital is not Covid free. But the medical director, Rosario Canino, clarified: «We currently have nine hospitalizations in all. One is in Pulmonology, seven in Infectious Diseases. Tonight – yesterday for the reader – a patient was transferred to intensive care because respiratory failure has worsened (resuscitation is no longer empty, for the first time in more than three weeks, ed). In the last few days there has been a small wave of new entries, which in most cases could have a close correlation with the Viadana outbreak ». Then he adds: “Too many people have already taken off their masks or continue to keep them on their necks. It is essential to keep attention high, not to groundless alarmisms ». If the hospitalizations were to increase further, up to a second wave? “Compared to the beginning of the emergency, we now find ourselves with more weapons at our disposal: medicines have been tested and slowly we have all learned to treat the disease,” says the chief of intensive care Antonio Colluccello.

The Cremonese nurse, also infected by Covid in the most critical weeks, continues to reiterate that those new cases brought him back to the emergency days: “Only those who were there can understand”, He says. Hence the desire to write that post. «I did it for my colleagues, I basically only have them on Facebook. I was scared. When he came out I also spoke to my head nurse. I didn’t think he was traveling around Italy ». Yesterday, after thousands of comments, Luca has decided to make the text visible only to friends. «A form of protection. No fear, on the contrary: today (yesterday, ed) I was at work to do my part. The insults and those tones are not for me, I keep rolling up my sleeves ».

July 12, 2020 (change July 12, 2020 | 10:53 am)


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