Covid and overcrowding, fines of up to 5 thousand euros for those who refuse the health hotel


Florence, 4 July 2020 – In Tuscany in the last 2 weeks three family clusters have been registered (outbreaks) of coronavirus in Cortona, Pian di Scò and Impruneta: 18 foreigners from non-Schengen countries for which quarantine is mandatory, representing more than 40% of new registered cases. In most cases these are cases produced by the overcrowding familiar. To avoid the multiplication of this type of domestic outbreaks and to better manage the cases of intra-family infection, considering that in these cases the isolation of the positive is decisive, the president of the Tuscany Region Enrico Rossi today signed a new ordinance entitled “Further measures to contain the contagion in the family and housing”.

In the text we give ai mayors the mandate to take steps to transfer people who are positive to hotels health, until now it was only possible on a voluntary basis, thus eliminating one of the main causes of transmission of the virus. The statutory auditors can proceed thanks to the adoption of contingent and urgent ordinances for the protection of public health in the event of health emergencies or public hygiene, of an exclusively local nature, provided for in article 50 of the Consolidated Law of local authorities (Legislative Decree 18 August 2000, n.267). In case of non-compliance the penalties go from 500 to 5000 euros.

For all the close contacts of the affected people, family and non-family members, carpet checks will be activated, isolating and moving away from home all those who will prove positive. Molecular and serological tests for the people of these communities will also increase, also characterized by high mobility within the regional territory and full of collective meeting moments. These are people for whom, also because of linguistic difficulties, it is difficult to be informed of the general epidemiological trend. Municipalities are therefore invited to activate communication initiatives, in the languages ​​spoken by the main communities in Tuscany, with the main precautions to be taken to avoid contagion.

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