Covid, according to two virus studies in Cremona since January: strain from Germany


The coronavirus would arrive in Lombardy at least in mid-January. From Europe and not from China; according to two studies – presented at the same time, one of the researchers from the Statale and Ospedale Sacco, the other from the Niguarda and San Matteo teams – in fact, the European strain of Covid 19 is called B.1 and in Italy it would presumably be arrived from Germany, where in turn the virus had come from China.

To ascertain it is a study also conducted by the Cremonese Claudia Balotta, based on the analysis of 59 viral genomes, from both Lombardy and the rest of Italy. In this great maze of numbers, studies, research, it would appear that in January there was already a double outbreak in Lombardy, one in Bergamo and one between Lodi and Cremona, with at least four patients 1. 6 months have passed since that January, since Cremona too unfortunately started to deal with the too many losses of human life caused by the Coronavirus. And after six months, as we read on the columns of the Republic of Saturday 10 July, for researchers, however, the virus is still aggressive and has not weakened. Attention remains high also on new outbreaks.

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