Covid-19, the virus gives no respite: 530,000 deaths worldwide | In Galicia 70 thousand people in lockdown


Worldwide over 530 thousand deaths New outbreaks, return infections, abolished lockdowns and then restored. The list of sick and dead in the world is growing every day making it clear to everyone that the Covid-19 pandemic not only shows no sign of slowing down but is likely to rise again. The updated count speaks of more than 530 thousand victims and over 11 million 300 thousand infections in 196 countries. The negative record goes to the United States, but Covid-19 continues to advance also in Latin America.

Immediately after the USA there is in fact Brazil with more than one and a half million patients and Mexico becomes the fifth most affected country in the world with over 30,300 deaths according to data from the Ministry of Health, thus surpassing France.

The situation in the Middle East “We are in a state of emergency,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu opening the government meeting in Jerusalem. The contagion rate in the country is 5% against 2% of 15 days ago and the positives are almost 30 thousand. The infection also spreads to Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem at the same rate where, according to the Wafa agency, the number of people infected has risen to 4,250, double a week ago. And if in the Strip the health situation is more under control than in the other Territories, the endemic economic crisis has intensified due to the measures to contain the spread of the virus, first of all the closure of the crossings with Egypt and Israel which caused the unemployment at 46% and is causing a series of chain suicides.

In Galicia 70 thousand people in lockdown New lockdown for the second consecutive day in Spain. After Catalonia, it is the turn of Galicia where the Generalitat has decreed the confinement of the 70 thousand inhabitants of La Marina due to a new cluster with over 100 cases.

British “Super Saturday” alarm And it is alarm in England for the feared effects of the ‘Super Saturday’, when the pubs have reopened their doors and the night of revelations in the streets of London has pushed Mayor Sadiq Khan to launch an appeal to respect social distancing.

The pandemic in the Balkans Concern also in the Balkans, from Kosovo to Croatia to Serbia. And with Belgrade, which has registered more than 300 infections in 24 hours, Greece has decided to close its borders at least until July 15, according to a spokeswoman for the government of Athens. A measure that will be re-evaluated on the basis of epidemiological evolution.

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