Covid-19, necessary self-declaration for travel in Italy: the details


Covid-19, after the reopening of the borders, the new “return” contagions intensify: Italy runs for cover and sets the rules for travel in the country, including self-declaration.

Travel to Italy, the rules to follow (photo Pixabay)

Travel and return to Italy: the country’s strategy to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus caused by international travel passes through the self-declaration and a string of stringent rules. As Skytg24 reports, the new outbreaks from Coronavirus, caused by the returns to their respective countries, as well as by leisure travel, have intensified and Italy tries to defend itself.

Several rules to respect for who returns to Italy, but, first, it is necessary to mention a not insignificant detail. There is in fact a list of countries, 13 to be exact from which one cannot return. Same goes for all countries outside the “Schengen area”. The 13 countries from which you cannot return, at least until July 14, are: Bangladesh, Armenia, Bahrain, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Kuwait, Moldova, North Macedonia, Panama, Peru, Oman and Dominican Republic. On the other hand, those who are allowed to enter have precise rules.

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Covid-19, travel to Italy and self-declaration: what you need to know

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First of all, as Skytg24 reminds, those who return to Italy are required to communicate their entry into the national territory to the competent health company, respecting the obligation of health surveillance and home isolation. The isolation in question, as the Farnesina itself has made known, lasts 14 days, starting from the immediate arrival in Italy. The regulation allows, in the shortest time possible, to move to the home from the airport, but without using public transport. Exceptions to the rule include EU officials, health workers and transportation personnel.

Another fundamental point: anyone who enters Italian territory is required to hand over the self-declaration to the police forces or to any body responsible for checks, aimed at justifying the move. Self-declaration it can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the article.

To enter Italy then, as is known, a series of recommendations apply, referable to the rules of social distancing. Therefore, the distance of at least one meter, the use of masks in closed places, the prohibition to create assembliesthe. Then there are the stresses to pay attention to hygiene, with frequent hand washing and the use of sanitizing gel.

To download the self-declaration form, click here

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