Covid-19 layoffs: how the new procedure works. The instructions of the INPS


The circular of the INPS

In the pockets of employees who, due to Covid-19, were placed in layoffs in April and May, 4.8 billion euros are missing. On average, 569 euros less per head for 8.4 million beneficiaries. The accounts were made by the Uil Labor, Cohesion and Territory Service on INPS data. In a nutshell, between the reduction of salary and the lack of accruals of the 13th and 14th, in two months the paychecks have lightened from 18% to 37% on average, depending on the income, as explained by the confederal secretary Uil Ivana Veronese. Numbers that are frightening and that are placed side by side, however, on the other side of the coin, that is the complicated regulatory framework which, for those who apply for the ICG, has made the management of practices by professionals and companies even more complex.
The INPS, on July 6th, has for emanto a circular (the 84/2020) that takes stock of all the interpretations related to the social safety nets especially after the changes relating to the salary additions provided for by the legislative decree of March 17th 2020 (n.20) , those of the decree of 19 May 2020 (n. 34) and of the decree of 16 June 2020 (n. 52) on the occasion of the reduction of working hours or the complete suspension due to the emergency following the Coronavirus epidemic.
Let’s review the highlights and news.

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