Covid 19: care for everyone? – The guide


The global campaign “Global goal: unite for our future”, launched by the European Commission and the international organization for the defense of citizens “Global Citizen”, ended on 27 June. The main objective was to mobilize additional funding to develop and ensure fair access to coronavirus vaccines, tests and treatments. The funds will be directed in particular to the most fragile regions and communities in the world, so that everyone can have access to treatment.
The campaign raised an additional 6.15 billion euros and ended with a world donor summit and a mega virtual concert attended by great and lesser singers and musicians from all over the world.
But just a few days after the end of this world campaign, the echoes of an America first in the pandemic also came from the United States. The American administration, in various difficulties but above all in the face of the spread of the virus, has secured all the stocks of remdesivir, a drug approved by local authorities that allows to cure Covid 19. A difficult gesture to appreciate in the face of a pandemic and that made someone say, “Imagine if it was a vaccine.


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