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There are 234 new ones infected by Covid in the last 24 hours, up from 188 yesterday. The victims are 9 (including 8 in Lombardy), against 7 yesterday. The total cases rise to 243.061, the deaths to 34.954. Of the newly infected 77 are in Lombardy (32.9%) and 71 in Emilia Romagna (30.3%); 28 are registered in Calabria, the migrants landed in the Reggino area. Just 38,259 swabs were made, down from more than 45,000 yesterday, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

Three people tested positive for Covid 19 in the last 24 hours in the Campania Region out of 1212 swabs. In the past 24 hours there has been no death or healing. The total number of people recovered since the beginning of the emergency is 4094 people. However, an already healed person is positive again.

The total number of Covid-19 cases examined in Lazio reached 8,314 today, according to the Region on Facebook. The number of deceased so far is 844, while the total number of people recovered is 6,557. 913 people are currently positive, 197 are hospitalized outside intensive care and 12 in intensive care. 704 are in home isolation.

Zero deaths, four new positive cases, two of which are asymptomatic. These are some of the data released by the Piedmont Region in the Coronavirus situation bulletin. The total number of patients recovered is 25,477 (+29 compared to yesterday). The total number of deaths has stopped at 4,111. The people who tested positive in Piedmont since the beginning of the epidemic are 31,498. The number (nine) of patients admitted to intensive care remains unchanged.

“The Piedmont Regional Council will confer a special honor, a sign of gratitude, of closeness, but also a necessary fixed point on the part of the Institution, to Piedmontese health workers. People who have done much more than their duty strictly speaking, risking even life, sometimes losing it, managing all together to contain an unpredictable situation, which hit us like an avalanche “. This was announced by Stefano Allasia, president of the regional council. “A certificate – he adds – that we have also decided to give to the” Henry Reeve Brigade “, to which we extend our deep thanks, which came from Cuba to help and support our health workers. They have shown exceptional professionalism in guaranteeing daily assistance. health and in facing the serious epidemiological crisis that has hit our Region “. “On behalf of the Regional Council – Allasia says – I also want to express a deep thank you to all the citizens who during the most risky period, continued to operate, from pharmacists, to sales people of essential products, from those who worked in logistics to the police who have always worked, every day, in the interest of the community.

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