Coronavirus, with the reopening of the borders already a thousand foreigners found positive


ROME The blockade of borders is not working, the increase in import cases, positive people from abroad, is unstoppable. Health Minister Roberto Speranza on Tuesday will confirm the list of the 13 countries from which Italy cannot be reached, but it will be necessary to lengthen it.

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In Puglia now the new positive cases are all represented by those arriving from across the border. “The latest episode – says Professor Pier Luigi Lopalco, who leads the region’s coronavirus task force – speaks to us of a family of four who came from Brazil. All positive. It is a very delicate open front ». In Emilia-Romagna, where surprisingly the number of infected returned to rise, at the outbreaks of a company in Parma and the two express courier warehouses in Bologna, important numbers of positives were added, arriving with flights from Bangladesh, which they live between the provinces of Forlì-Cesena and Ravenna. Areas in which, despite the tourism crisis, the Adriatic coast offers employment opportunities. In Lazio in a few days they have already found 124 positive Bengali immigrants, to which have been added other arrivals from India and the United States (countries whose flights have not been blocked by the Government), Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua. In total, import cases quickly approach 200.

Without this flow Lazio would be not far from the covid free region target. Episodes of this type are reported in Veneto, Campania, Friuli and Trentino. Projecting the Lazio figure across Italy, it is estimated that there are at least one thousand import cases found in recent weeks. If new confirmations were needed, it would be enough to resume the assessments of Professor Gianni Rezza, director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, who in commenting on the weekly factsheets on the progress of the epidemic, said openly: «In several regions the contagion index has exceeded the quota 1 due to some outbreaks of more or less serious importance for the importation of infections from abroad “. Of course, isn’t it? The regions see the speed of transmission of the virus due to the positives that are entering Italy and arriving from abroad. But hadn’t Minister Speranza blocked arrivals? In a total way, he did it only for 13 countries, from Bangladesh to Peru, to give some examples. But by now hundreds had already returned to Italy, so much so that Lazio was forced to carry out an ad hoc campaign of swabs on the large community of Bangladeshi immigrants (already over 3,000). Not only that: the list of “banned” countries is proving insufficient, since yesterday in the region two immigrants from India were found positive, the third country in the world by number of infected, saved by Speranza, given that for reasons of work or residence from that nation you can reach Italy. But the numbers are emblematic. Let’s take the Lazio example again: of the 19 positive yesterday, two thirds came from abroad (8 from Bangladesh with flights preceding the blockade, two from India, one from Egypt and one from Hungary).

Tuesday expires the stop decided by Speranza to the 13 countries and flights from Bangladesh in general and the minister must report to the Senate, in a delicate phase as there is also an extension of the state of emergency for 2020. Given that import cases are increasing every day, Speranza will have to confirm the blockade of a number of countries at risk, with the need to also increase the number of countries from which one cannot arrive in any case. India, the United States and Pakistan, the experts explain, are the most important absences on the list in the current version. Regarding the trend of the epidemic, there is to register the outburst of a nurse from the Cremona hospital on Facebook: “Here we go again, we have started receiving Covid patients again”. It is not reassuring. Yesterday the good news came from the death toll: only 7. Slight increase in ICU patients, but in total the decrease in admissions for Covid continues (there are 893). The new positive daily cases are 188, less than the day before; currently 13,303 are infected in Italy, 194,759 are discharged and recovered.

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