Coronavirus Vicenza, the son of the Laserjet executive: “He would have deserved forced hospitalization”


«Luca is right». Luca Who? «Zaia, the governor. He is right when he says that the Tso is needed for those who are positive and refuse hospitalization. Taking care of yourself is a duty towards the community, you cannot risk infecting other people ». The voice of this man – who is 40 years old and whom we will call Francesco even if his name is another – acomes from some corner of the Vicentino, his province, and he has a low, calm tone, while he speaks not quite easy words about his father, manager currently intubated in an intensive care unit with ongoing interstitial pneumonia and life at risk. He, the father, has gained the reputation of an unctor for not giving up a crowded birthday party, contacts with friends and collaborators, a funeral ceremony and God only knows what else, while he was 38 with fever and symptoms that – given the times – would have worried anyone.

Not him, in fact. That he kept his fever and routine until he was so sick that he couldn’t help going to the hospital anymore. Visit, buffer and – needless to say – positive outcome. It was Sunday 28 June. “He must be hospitalized,” the doctors advised him. All useless: he refused and was taken home by ambulance. Annoyed, too. From the questions they asked him about his frequent visits to trace potential infected by the virus. So annoyed that it is “decidedly incomplete” – to put it in the words of a doctor – in listing the names for the epidemiological investigation. “I find no logical justification for his behavior,” his son now comments, distancing himself. He hypothesizes “a lightness or an underestimation of the danger he was facing. And to think that Dad was very attentive to every form of prevention at the beginning … In any case, he was wrong, and this is not discussed. ” He has little desire to discuss also the brother of the manager who since 1980, together with him, has been one of the faces of the company for the processing of sheet metal, to Pojana Maggiore: today 170 employees and offices abroad, one of which in Serbia where it is now established that the infection has occurred. It seems that it was the infected person who told of a business trip to Serbia from where he returned on Thursday 25 June.

But the brother denies the intercom of his villa in the Vicenza area. “The business trip I read about in the press does not exist, it has nothing to do with the company’s commitments” if he takes it. And it speaks of “a private trip that I was not aware of and of which I know nothing and I can say nothing”. He adds that as family members and company «we will release a press release who clarifies our position “and replies that” no, I didn’t go to the hospital and find him, let alone know how he is “. The release arrives in the evening. A few lines to describe a family that seems concerned about letting the world know how little the patient was attending (“none of us have had contact with him for several weeks”), and how high the “respect for all precautions in companies” is high where “anti-Covid protocols have been implemented carefully and in detail”. Conclusion: in the company headquarters “there is no danger”. Or, as Francesco specifies, “there is no risk neither for the customers nor for the people who work there”. There is only one point regarding which family and company management appear compact and lined up alongside the man who, meanwhile, while remaining in a reserved prognosis, seems to respond well to the first treatments.

And that is: «It is not true – Francis swears – that after refusing hospitalization he returned to everyday life as if nothing had happened. He was taken home by ambulance and since then he has always been barricaded in the bedroom for four days. The first of July got worse and, always in an ambulance, he was taken to the hospital “. The same note issued by the family says that “we can guarantee: he remained in solitary confinement at home”. Therefore, not a greaser. If anything irresponsible for not being in solitary confinement on the first day of fever and for not wanting hospitalization, putting his own life at risk. His son has as clear ideas on this last point as Governor Zaia, who confidentially calls Luca even if he doesn’t know him (“I don’t know him but I respect him very much”). “I fully support what he says,” he says. “Luca has to put his foot down and get compulsory treatment every time Healthcare decides that a patient needs it.” Including his father, of course. Having said that, Francesco clarifies: “Family and business are one thing, Dad is one thing. If he made a mistake, it doesn’t mean that the company underestimates the problem in the same way. ” Why the son has taken so few precautions is unable to explain exactly: “When he gets well again I will ask him.”

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