Coronavirus Veneto, what Ilaria Capua thinks. Social reactions


    <h2>Virologist Ilaria Capua commented on Twitter about the situation in Veneto regarding new outbreaks, triggering a series of responses</h2>


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    <p><strong>Ilaria Capua</strong>, virologist and director of the One Health Center at the University of Florida, commented on Twitter the situation in Veneto relating to the appearance of new outbreaks. The expert wrote: "About public health management. You don't go <strong>NEVER run around with a fever</strong>. Even less during a #pandemic. #Veneto #Italia # Come on. "

His tweet triggered a series of reactions, including that of a user who perhaps wanted to minimize the severity of the Vicenza outbreak, writing: “They got infected 5 people“. At this point, Capua replied writing: “Faiv is worse than uan”, making irony with a deliberately macaronic Englishman.

But there are also those who comment with more enthusiasm: “But do you know that you really broke the ***?”. And at this point, Ilaria Capua replied laconically: “Yes”.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 04-07-2020 14:29

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