Coronavirus Usa: alarm for Covid parties in Alabama, where infected people win. Lockdown in California and full hospitals in Texas


In Texas ICU patients increase day by day California decides a new lockdown for 19 counties as concern grows in Alabama for the Covid party, where young people challenge contagion. Three snapshots of an America preparing to celebrate a 4th of July at home, or at least this is the appeal of the health authorities, alarmed by the daily spikes of contagions of the last week that have brought Texas and the Florida to brake on reopenings andArizona to close bars, cinemas and gyms for 30 days. in the meantime Donald Trump, after pressure from a part of the Republican party, he says he has “no problem” wearing the mask, while his deputy Mike Pence started wearing it regularly. A turnabout which is the emblem of a catastrophic emergency management, which has even led to a group of former managers of the administration and campaign of George W. Bush to launch ’43 alumni for Biden ’, a new super Pac (a political committee that raises money for a candidate) to mobilize i Republicans disappointed in favor of the candidate dem to White House. An idea to “unite and mobilize a community of voters historically Republicans who are dismayed and disappointed by the damage done to our nation by the presidency of Donald Trump“.

Avalanche of infections in Texas: now mandatory masks – In the Texas county of Harris, which also includes the metropolis of Houston, at least two hospitals have reached “maximum capacity,” said the mayor Sylvester Turner, stressing that “the threat that COVID-19 now represents for our community it is at the highest level ever “. The Texas is facing a health emergency that has never been seen before, after deciding already in early May to ease the restrictions, some urged the president. Today there are almost 7 thousand patients Covid admitted to hospitals, gradually increased from 1 June. So much so that the state has to back down: Republican governor Greg Abbott has signed an executive order that obliges to cover his face in public spaces in counties with 20 or more covid cases. Meetings with more than 10 people are also forbidden social footing of six feet (two meters). In May, reports the CNN, the peak of hospitalizations had reached 1,888. According to an estimate by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in Texas – but also in Florida – almost 2,000 new hospitalizations are expected by mid-July, against about 1,500 in Arizona is California. In other parts of the state the situation is no better. According to data published by Municipality of San Antonio, there were at the beginning of June 39 ICU patients and 20 cured with ventilation mechanics, while at June 30 there were 288 and 158 respectively.

Alabama alarm for Covid parties – These are private parties where positive people are intentionally invited. And whoever gets infected takes home the money collected by all participants for the bet. TO Tuscaloosa in particular, the headquarters of the University of Alabama and many other colleges, it was the chief of the firefighters to report them. “At the beginning we thought it was just a rumor that circulated – he told ABC Randy Smith – but it was confirmed by both health reports and the authorities themselves “. Over 38 thousand cases of contagion have been recorded in the country, of which 28% (over 10 thousand) in the last two weeks. The republican governor Kay Ivey extended at the end of July the ban on any non-working gathering in which social distancing cannot be respected and so Trump he had to cancel the rally he planned for next week in the State.

California closes again – Three weeks of lockdown, again, for 19 counties in California, including that of Los Angeles, where 72% of the approximately 40 million Californians live. The Golden State museums, theaters, bars and non-open halls of restaurants are closing again on most of the territory of the State due to a new increase in infections. In the past 14 days the curve has soared with a 45% increase in cases, with 500 patients in intensive care. Great concern about the economic repercussions of this new lockout, which falls on an economy already seriously compromised by months of restrictions and substantial “blockage” of numerous sectors. Imperial County is the most affected county: in these rural areas bordering the Mexico the most severe measures ever taken on Californian territory were taken last night: shutters lowered throughout the Restaurants and trade in non-essential goods, stop at functions religious and any kind of crowd. The situation in the is very serious prisons, where the state points the finger at the administration of criminal colonies with heavy accusations of incompetence. At the center of the controversy is the situation in the great prison of San Quintino where one third of the 3,500 inmates tested positive. The outbreak would have been triggered by the transfer to the institution close to San Francisco of 121 prisoners from Chino prison, without any prior covid security exam.

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