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Florence, 5 July 2020 – In Tuscany there are 10,285 cases of positivity to Coronavirus, nine more than yesterday. The new cases are 0.1% more than the total of the previous day. THE healed they grew by 0.03% and reached 8.841 (86% of the total cases). The tests performed reached 352,549, 2,804 more than yesterday. The currently positive are today 330, + 1.9% compared to yesterday. Today there are no new ones deaths.

These are the figures – ascertained at 12 noon today on the basis of the requests of the National Civil Protection – relating to the trend of the epidemic in the region.

Review the July 4th bulletin

The new cases in Florence, Prato and Grosseto

Below are the cases of positivity in the area with the change compared to yesterday. There are 3,206 total cases to date in Florence (6 more than yesterday), 536 a Meadow (2 more), 748 in Pistoia, 1,052 in Massa, 1,351 in Lucca, 932 in Pisa, 479 in Livorno, 680 in Arezzo, 429 in Siena, 401 in Grosseto (1 more). There are 471 positive cases reported in Tuscany, but residing in other regions.

Eight more then the cases found today in the Central ASL, 0 in the North West, 1 in the South East.

Tuscany in 10th place for number of cases

Tuscany is confirmed in 10th place in Italy as number of cases (including residents and non-residents), with about 276 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (Italian average around 400 x100,000, yesterday’s figure). The notification provinces with the highest rate are Massa Carrara with 540 cases x100,000 inhabitants, Lucca with 348, Florence with 317, the lowest Livorno with 143.

Data on home isolations, hospitalizations and healings

Altogether, 316 people are in isolation at home, as they have mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment, or are symptom-free (plus 5 compared to yesterday, plus 1.6%).

There are 1,063 (minus 170 compared to yesterday, minus 13.8%) people, also isolated, in active surveillance because they have had contact with infected people (ASL Centro 403, North West 598, South East 62).

People hospitalized in the beds dedicated to COVID patients today there are a total of 14, one more than yesterday (plus 7.7%), of which 2 in intensive care (stable compared to yesterday).

The people altogether healed rise to 8,841 (plus 3 compared to yesterday, plus 0.03%): 226 people “clinically healed” (plus 2 compared to yesterday, plus 0.9%), that is, they have become asymptomatic after presenting clinical manifestations associated with the infection and 8,615 (plus 1 compared to yesterday, plus 0.01%) declared cured in all respects, the so-called viral healings, with double negative buffer.

Today there are no new deaths.

There are therefore 1,114 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic divided as follows: 407 in Florence, 52 in Prato, 81 in Pistoia, 170 in Massa Carrara, 141 in Lucca, 89 in Pisa, 61 in Livorno, 48 in Arezzo, 33 in Siena , 24 in Grosseto, 8 people died on Tuscan soil but were residents outside the region.

The raw Tuscan mortality rate (number of deceased / resident population) for Covid-19 is 29.9 x100,000 residents against 57.7 x100,000 of the Italian average (11th region). As for the provinces, the highest mortality rate is found in Massa Carrara (87.2 x100.000), Florence (40.2 x100.000) and Lucca (36.4 x100.000), the lowest at Grosseto (10.8 x100,000).

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