Coronavirus, today’s bulletin July 2. Emilia Romagna, half of the new cases in Bologna


Bologna, 2 July 2020 – The new infections from Covid-19 in Emilia Romagna are on the rise again. The says Coronavirus bulletin today, July 2: I’m 27 cases more than yesterday, of which 16 asymptomatic, tracked thanks to the regional screening campaign. The number of positives since the beginning of the epidemic therefore reaches 28,535 in the region. Another has been registered in the past 24 hours death somehow connected to Covid-19: it is a woman in the province of Reggio Emilia. Overall, the victims are 4,265.

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The new ones swabs 4,862 were carried out, thus reaching a total of 504,288, in addition to 1,553 other serological tests, also carried out since yesterday, for a total of 157,407.

In the province of Bologna, half of the new infections

The cases of positivity to the virus, which refer to the province in which the diagnosis was made, are distributed as follows at the provincial level: 4548 a Piacenza (+2), 3657 a Parma (+1), 5003 y Reggio Emilia (no new cases since yesterday), 3,954 a Modena (+1, symptomatic), 4,926 a Bologna (+13, almost all attributable to outbreaks under control; of these 7 are symptomatic); 404 a Imola (no new cases compared to yesterday), 1,029 a Ferrara (no new cases compared to yesterday); 1054 in Ravenna (+4, of which 1 symptomatic), 961 a Forlì (+2 symptomatic), 802 a Cesena (+3) and 2197 a Rimini (+1).

Only 9 ICU patients

The new healings I’m 25 for a total of 23,267, 81.5% of those infected since the beginning of the crisis. Active cases, i.e. the number of actual sickto date there are 1,003 (one more than yesterday).

The people in insulation at home, that is, those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment, or are symptom-free, total 898, 10 more than yesterday, 89.5% of those who are sick. Intensive care patients fell to 9 (-1), those hospitalized in the other Covid wards are 96 (-8).

The people altogether healed therefore they rise to 23,267 (+25): 244 “clinically healed”, that is, they have become asymptomatic after presenting clinical manifestations associated with the infection, and 23,023 those declared healed in all respects because they were negative in two consecutive tests.

Uphill, for the fourth consecutive day, the number of new cases in Italy: today they are 201 (of which 98 in Lombardy), against 187 yesterday, for a total of 240,961 Covid patients since the beginning of the epidemic. Also rising i deaths, 30 today against 21 yesterday, reaching 34,818 total victims.

IS healings slow down, 366 versus 469 of 24 hours ago, for a total of 191,083. As a result of these data, the number of currently positive people drops less than usual, by 195 units, for a total of 15,060.

This is what emerges from daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health. Good news on the front admissions: those in the ordinary regime fall by another 62 units and fall below the psychological threshold of the thousand, as did not happen even from March 2, settling at 963. Also the intensive care, which are now 82 in all. There are 14,015 people in home isolation. Finally, tampons in line with the last days, 53.243, long since far from the record of over 77 thousand in a single day.

Donations exceeded 68 million

Over 68 million euros. The value of the quasi amounts to so much 50 thousand (49 829) Donations – made in cash (57 million), but also goods and services (11 million) – which the Emilia-Romagna people have donated to the “Together you can” campaign, promoted by the Region, and directly to the Healthcare Companies. Citizens, families, businesses, organizations, associations, foundations and banking institutions: all together to support the regional health system and beat the Coronavirus.

Now the great generosity of donors is collected and ‘told’ in a site, “Donations”, wanted and created by the Region to give all citizens the opportunity to know, in the utmost transparency, how the money was donated, collected and used and goods. On the site, in fact, the nature of the donation (money, goods, services), the guy donor (citizens, associations, foundations, companies, public bodies), how the resources were used, What was purchased and donated. A large part of the money was used to set up additional seats intensive care, but hundreds of thousands of health equipment (fans, ultrasounds, pulse oximeters) and millions of personal protective equipment were also purchased.

And it’s not over yet, because it is possible, for those who want, continue to donate, both to the Companies and to the account of the regional Civil Protection made available by the campaign “Together you can. Emilia-Romagna against Coronavirus “.

Emilia Romagna brakes on contact sports

Emilia Romagna brakes on contact sports: they remain prohibited cause distancing for Covid. The confirmation came today in commission from the head of cabinet of the Region, Giammaria Manghi. “We are possible – said Manghi – but with the caution of the case given that the resumption of contact sports would in fact be the overcoming of social distancing”.

Bipartisan appreciation for the choice to keep the ban for now. “I appreciate Manghi’s report and contact sports, their recovery would be bizarre while maintaining the current rules on social distancing for the rest of society,” says the director of Fratelli d’Italia, Michele Barcaiuolo. The force maverick is on the same line Valentina Castaldini, while also from the center-left the Democratic Party Andrea Costa (“From the territories there is great appreciation”) e Stefania BondavallThe Bonaccini list (“We are providing instruments of hope to a world that wants to start again”) reaches the regional executive consensus.

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