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Coronavirus, bulletin of July 12: a new infection (Photo Castellani)
Ancona, 12 July 2020 – One positive to Covid. This is the most important data of the Coronavirus bulletin today, July 12, as regards the Market, where the total number of infections since the outbreak started to rise 6.792. The cases are distributed as follows at the provincial level: 2,764 a Pesaro and Urbino, 1.879 ad Ancona, 1.158 a Macerata (one more than yesterday), 473 a Fermo, 293 ad Ascoli Piceno and 237 outside the region.

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Gores reported that they have been carried out in the past 24 hours 1.061 swabs: 630 in the new diagnosis path and 431 in the path healed. The new positive case was registered in the province of Macerata.

Yesterday an elderly woman from a nursing home was infected

Four positive cases were reported in the Marche between Friday and yesterday: two in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, one in the province of Ancona and one outside the region. Among the recent infections there is one that concerns the province of Ancona. It is a person elderly, a 89 year old guest of a retirement home dell’Anconetano which tested positive for a control pad inside the site. Fortunately, the lady is asymptomatic, also due to a low viral load, and will be subjected to further test in the next days.

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