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Bologna, 12 July 2020 – 71 new positive coronaviruses are present, 48 of which are asymptomatic. Again, most of the new infections are caused by outbreaks between Modena and Bolona which are well known to the health authorities. In fact 21 are the infections (18 are asymptomatic) recorded in the province of Modena, in Castelnuovo Rangone, in a meat processing company in the ham production chain. Another 19 new cases have been registered in Bologna where the contagion has spread – for the second time – in a logistics company, the tNT. And it is from this last that the contagions arrived also in the province of Ferrara.

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The councilor for regional health, Raffaele Donini, announces that tomorrow he will sign a new ordinance that sanctions the obligation serological tests and carpet swabs in the logistics and meat processing sectors.

The outbreaks

Of the new cases, 21 register in province of Modena, 18 linked to the outbreak of Castenuovo; 19 in that of Bologna, of which 6 attributable to the two outbreaks identified in the two logistics companies (Bartolini and TNT) and most of the others to familiar situations already known; 11 in that of Ferrara, 9 of which always referred to the outbreak Tnt.

Symptomatic cases

Twenty-three symptomatic cases (9 in Modena, 6 in Bologna, 6 in Reggio Emilia, 1 in Parma and 1 in Rimini), for the most part attributable to outbreaks or cases already known.

Heal and recover

There are ten officially declared covid patients healed with double negative buffer. The situation in hospitals remains under control: patients in hospitals terapie intensive ten remain in the region and the number of patients hospitalized in the covid wards is 93, as yesterday. Patients inevitably rise in isolation home: there are 61 more.

The map of new cases

Here is how the 71 cases discovered in the last ROE are distributed: 4,567 a Piacenza (+1), 3.717 a Parma (+3), 5.011 a Reggio Emilia (+8), 4.011 a Modena (+21), 5.092 a Bologna (+19); 404 a Imola (unchanged), 1,048 a Ferrara (+11); 1.084 a Ravenna (+3), 965 a Forli (+1), 812 a Cesena (+2) and 2,222 a Rimini (+2).

The new ordinance

“Today’s data – says the Regional Councilor for Health Policies, Raffaele Donini – confirm what has been happening for a few days in Emilia-Romagna, Italy and Europe: contagion from Covid is spreading above all in the production realities linked to the sectors of logistics and of meat processing. The immediate and massive interventions that we have put in place allow many positive asymptomatic people to emerge, often already in home isolation, through an effective action of contact tracing. This contributes to not worryingly engaging healthcare facilities and hospital departments and to managing and then extinguishing the outbreaks from time to time. We are comforted by the fact that there are no deaths for the fifth consecutive day. Nor – compared to yesterday – increases the number of patients in intensive care and in non-intensive care units “.

“Tomorrow – continues the commissioner – the regional ordinance that will be signed will be signed the obligation of serological tests or carpet swabs in companies in the logistics sector and in the meat processing sector. A measure that affects more than 70 thousand workers in Emilia-Romagna “.

“The appeal that I renew to all the companies in Emilia-Romagna, regardless of the sector of activity, is that of screen their employees, to promptly identify positivity in asymptomatic subjects and limit the epidemiological effects of new outbreaks. Just as I repeat the importance of scrupulously observing them prescriptions provided by the specific protocols issued for all economic sectors and social activities “.

Donini also mentioned that it remains in force thereobligation to use the mask indoors and even outdoors if distances cannot be respected. “An obligation that we will re-fix even with the penalties provided for if common sense should fail”, states the councilor.

The Civil Protection budget

I’m 234 the new infected from Covid in the last 24 hours, in ski compared to 188 yesterday. The victims are 9 (of which 8 in Lombardy), against 7 yesterday. The total cases rise to 243.061, the deaths to 34.954.

Of the new infected 77 I am in Lombardy (32,9%) e 71 in Emilia Romagna (30.3%); 28 are registered in Calabria, the migrants landed in the Reggino area. Just 38,259 swabs were made, down from more than 45,000 yesterday, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

Still drops in number of hospitalized for coronavirus in Italy. According to the Civil Protection daily bulletin, they still remain in hospital 776 people against 826 yesterday. Intensive care patients slightly increased: 68 against 67 yesterday. Again in the center of the numbers the Lombardy which today recorded two new hospitalizations


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